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  The Hybrid Program Principles
A New Way to Manage Unsaleables For Manufacturers of Consumer Products

By Dan Raftery

I recently published a strategic guide for CPG manufacturers looking to elevate the chore of unsaleables management to a higher level. Called The Hybrid Program Principles, this guidebook is intended to help the unsaleables cost-owner understand how to deal with the turbulence they are experiencing within their own company and with customers.

The guidebook contains what I believe to be the best-case scenario for both sides of this cost center. A Hybrid Program puts “skin in the game” for both business partners, lets them move beyond stalemate positions like “agreeing to disagree” and gives them reason to work on reducing some of this waste.

The guidebook contains five chapters:

  • Preparations – Background material and conceptual foundation for The Hybrid Program.
  • The Vision – The five principles of the Hybrid Program.
  • The Work – Guidelines for five implementation projects, including how to develop a reimbursement rate, communicate The Hybrid Program and sell it up the organization.
  • Next Steps – A method for starting down the path to a Hybrid Program.
  • Bibliography – Must reads and useful references.

I also provide an implementation kickoff construct to buyers of The Hybrid Program Principles, along with personal consultation via phone or email.

Here's the URL for a SN article about The Hybrid Program Principles, titled "Unsaleables at a Cross Roads"

Buying the guidebook is much like buying a day of my time, but in a format that allows my guidance to be efficiently dispersed through a company.




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